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Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

According to the new amendment, the minimum investment amount to give you the right to obtain the Turkish citizenship has been reduced.

The statement published on 19.09.2018 in the Official Gazette, states that the lowest limit of one million US dollars worth of real estate property grants foreigners to obtain the Turkish citizenship, has been reduced to 250 thousand US dollars.

Halic Property has been working hard to offer the best to its customers since day one. In the recent few weeks with the increase in demand of the Turkish Citizenship. The legal partner of Halic Property offers to handle all the Turkish Citizenship application procedures.  Our expert lawyers will follow up the application until you have the citizenship in your hands.

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How to do Application of Turkish Citizenship by investment?

The article of citizenship law on getting Turkish citizenship by property investment was changed on 19.09.2018 and the investment amount was reduced to $ 250.000. It is getting too popular with Many people applying for the citizenship.

These processes are very important and delicate operations. The smallest mistake can lead to loss of money and even rejection to the application for the citizenship. The most important choice here is with whom you are going to work.

The construction company, the real estate agency and the lawyer’s triangle are very important. They must work with absolute coordination and act together. Since the process is new, it is very difficult to find experienced consultants / lawyers and agents in the market.

What would happen if you don’t choose the right company? let’s just say a few of the many problems below.

  1. You have to bring foreign currency to buy real estate in Turkey by law. The minimum amount is $ 250,000. Real estates are sold in Turkish Lira. If it is not the right real estate agent for you and inexperienced, they cannot offer you the right places. If a problem arises, you may want to give up and get your money back and ask for a refund. In the best case, you will lose money from the exchange rate difference, or from the penal clause stated in the contract between the costumer and the construction company.
  2. If the agency does not recommend the right construction company, the firm may go bankrupt and the construction may have stopped. Real estate delivery may be delayed. There may be a mortgage stated on the title deed. Residency and sales permits may not be ready. The process may get very longer. You may be charged extra charges, you may not withdraw the money you paid or your application may be rejected.
  3. When applying for citizenship, the government does not take in consideration the price you paid, it considers the price to be given by an independent expert as a result of an audit. If you don’t get the property at the right price, if you buy an overpriced house, the expert’s price remains low. In this case, you can take the house but you cannot apply for the citizenship. As the you bought an overpriced property, you cannot sell it at that high price.
  4. If the inexperienced counsel / counselor does not know the process well, your application may be rejected, the process may be extended and you may incur extra costs at best.
  5. The process of citizenship is a very delicate and important process. It is very important to choose the right company in this process which is one of the turning points of your life.As Haliç Property, we have managed this process many times with our experienced partners and concluded with a 100% success rate.Like all our friends, we are always with you at this turning point of your life and beyond. We never leave you and your family half-way on your journey with us.


What is Advantage of Turkish Citizenship?

  1. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can enter Turkey without visa.
  2. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can start to live in Turkey without taking residence permission.
  3. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can start to work in any job in Turkey without taking work permission.
  4. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can build a company without requirements applied to foreigners.
  5. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can buy a property without a delay caused by military control.
  6. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can vote in every election.
  7. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can take state-sponsored pension.
  8. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can have a global health insurance that Turkish government will give.
  9. When you become a Turkish citizen, you can buy a car without having a foreign license plates.


How Can I Get Turkish Passport with Turkish Citizenship Investment?

There are lots of ways to be a Turkish citizen, but the easiest way to be a Turkish citizen to the advantage Of Turkish citizenship is having a property costs at least 250.000 Dollars in Turkey as a foreigner. Even if this is the easiest way, you should be so careful in this duration. So to get help from an expert, everything can be so simple.

The perfect choice will be Halic Property for you. Halic Property has 7 years of experience with its expert team members. Also this company based on Istanbul. Team members of Halic Property can speak English and Arabic without their native languages. These team members will be on your side from the pre-sale time to after sale times. There are types of expert in this team as real estate specialists, after sale specialists, lawyers, interior designers, transportation experts etc.

With different types of real estate investments in its portfolio, Halic Property offers their clients more than a property. After having your new apartment, Halic Property can help in your Turkish citizenship applications, company registrations, every kind legal issues related to your new property, following your maintenances fees, paying your taxes etc.

In Halic Property’s portfolio you can find every kind of investment opportunity. Like you can find house in developing areas or you can find an apartment with resale options in the center of Istanbul or you can find place in a shopping center or you can a land in developing areas of the city.

Halic Property is one phone away from you. So it’s time to pick up your phone and call us to have the advantage of Turkish citizenship and have a new home for you.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, flights are not on their normal schedule. On the other hand, Turkish citizenship applications continue as the same. As a result, foreign investors may have difficulties about finding flights to Turkey. If you click the link below, you can see the flights to Turkey from all over the world:

There are no restrictions on entry to Turkey. When entering Turkey, there is no obligation to take a PCR test before the trip and to apply quarantine after entry. Being so, foreign investors can start their procedures for Turkish citizenship applications by buying $250.000 worth of real estate.


  • Will my family receive the Turkish Citizenship when I receive it?

    When an individual obtains the citizenship, they have the right to give it to their spouse and children under 18 years of age.

  • How much time does the process take to obtain the Turkish Citizenship?

    After submitting the required documents, it takes about 4-8 months.

  • After buying a $250,000 worth of properties, can I rent it or sell it?

    You can offer your property for rent immediately, but you cannot sell it due to the the procedure of signing a commentary on the title deed that says you cannot sell this property for 3 years starting from the date registered on the title deed.

  • Can my children inherit property I own in Turkey?

    The reserved portion and legal inheritance right of children is %75 for the property and money left by the deceased. It will be equally divided among the children. The remaining %25 goes to the spouse.

  • Should I give up my current nationality to be able to obtain the Turkish Citizenship?

    The Turkish Law does not require you to give up any nationality and it gives you the right to hold on multiple nationality.


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