The government is aiming to ease the way for foreign investors but with a condition that they have option Turkish citizenship having a by property investment to $250,000. This amount has been obtained after few reductions.

There are talks about that the fact that the Turkish interiors ministry has announced that it will open certain offices to help the foreign investors, lower long term residency plan and gain citizenship. They aim to ease the way for the foreign investors.

Fall in currency and rise in investment

Because of the shocking slash in the minimum investment amount to $250,000, the Turkish Lira falls to around 45 percent than its previous actual value. Since the Lira has fallen substantially, turkey has raised the market for its potential buyers from China and the USA who have been Turkish property for quite some time. It is a known fact that real estate gains are more valuable than any other financial instruments in Turkey. The aim is to boost the flagging real estate market.

Anybody who chose to live in Turkey will be able to enjoy more comfortable and varied lifestyle for their money because of the better facilities and improved quality of life. The government believes that the investment is still a safe bet when it comes to Turkey.

Investment- A solid option

Turkey’s location is a gateway to Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North Africa making it a strong target for trade investments as well as one of the chosen tourist spots. Tourism and location makes Turkey a valuable place to make investments. However, it is believed that Turkish real estate is a diamond in the crown called economy. Over the years the numbers of households which are sold have increased, hence, outperforming most other market of the world. The believers have an opinion that Turkey is an educated, professional and meant for mobile middle class propel for real estate economy. The latest measures taken by the government aims at maintaining countries excellent track record and the decision makers are positive about their approach.

Given below are few conditions for Turkish citizenship by investment

  • Investors can opt for fixed capital investment for $500,000 to gain citizenship.
  • Foreign investors can buy $250,000 worth of real estate, which they must not sell for next three years.
  • Deposits requirement has now shifted to $500,000 from $300,000.
  • The funds must stay in place for three years.
  • If a foreigner can generate jobs for at least 50 people are eligible for citizenship.


Now we know that the latest line of measures taken by the Turkish Government is to make way for the foreign investors to live and invest in Turkey with full confidence and comfort. The government has slowly digitize the process required for verification on information and making appointments in order to ease down most of the application procedure.

Next time if you are making investment then you know where to invest and which place will reap the benefits of your real estate investments in future.