Turkey is a perfect choice for investors. Because this country has lots of oppurtunities for investors. There are many investment and business oppurtunities, this country has a fair tax systems. But there are some ways to have Turkish citizenship for investors.

How can an investors have Turkish citizenship?

The easist way is to invest a property costs at least 250K USD. In older times this amount was 1 million dolars but Turkish goverment changed the law and this amount reduced to 250K USD. But to apply to Turkish citizenship, you can sell your property in next 3 years. After having this property in 3 years, you can apply to Turkish citizenship and have your Turkish passaport in 3-6 months. This application process is shorter than other countries in the world.  Or you can invest 500K USD to a Turkish bank that you want and won’t withdraw this money in next 3 years, you can apply to Turkish citizenship.

There are several ways to apply to Turkish citizenship,  but the easist and the most lucrative ways is having a property at least 250K USD. After having this property and rent it, you can make profit and get your investment back in 3 years. And also thanks to reduce of Turkish Lira’s value against to Dolar, this property’s value has been increased as Turkish Lira.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish pasaport is the one of the most powerful pasaport in the world. With this pasaport you can enter to 148 different countries in the world without visa. And Turkey will be a member of EU in following years. It means that you will also enter to EU region without visa.

With Turkish citizenship, you will have a lucrative pension programme. You will also have free healthcare and educational plans. This country has a wonderful climate, democratic management, westernised lifestyle as a Muslim country.