Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

Turkey is one of the most interesting real estate market in the world. As JLL’s Cross Border Retailer Attractiveness Index 2016 mentioned Turkey is in the 6th place in the list of the most interesting real estate market in the world after London, Paris, Moscow, Milan, and Madrid. And also with mega projects like Canal Istanbul etc and urban renewal projects Istanbul comes first in Turkey market.


Except new houses, apartments for rent, there are 401 diffferent shopping centers with a total leasable areas of 12.2 million square in this country. When we look to shopping centers, Istanbul comes first again with 34 percent of the total rentable shopping center area in Turkey. Except investment benefit Turkey offers lots of oppurtunities to foreign real estate investors like Turkish citizenship by real estate etc. Apart from these informations through the increment in the value of the dollar against the Turkish lira you can make a profit close to 300.000 dollars per a real estate.


How Can I Have Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate?

As a foreign real estate investor, if you want to buy a real estate that costs at least 250.000 dollars, you can apply to Turkish citizenship by real estate after your purchase. Before September 2018, you must buy a real estate at least 1 million dollars. With the statement published in 19.09.2018, this amount reduced to 250.000 dollars. And also if you rent your new investment to someone, you can cover your expenses in about 3 years. So your Turkish citizenship come free to you. In addition to this you will make profit because of value of dollar against Turkish Lira.


For a stranger in a new country, these kind of process can be hard. So to ease this duration, to get a help from a real estate speacilist, every step of this duration can be so easy for you. Therefore choosing Halic Property as your real estate expert in Turkey will make your new life so effortless. Halic Property based on Istanbul and has 7 years experience in real estate market. This company has sales department, legal departments and after sales department. Halic Property has one the biggest portfolio includes new projects and resale options in Istanbul. You can find houses with full security, have guaranteed options for rent, lands, shopping center areas, investment occasions in the center of the city and in the developing areas of the city in long time installment conditions.


After your buy, if you want Halic Property can help you in your Turkish citizenship by real estate, short and long term work permits, your company registrations etc. Halic Property can also help to deal with your legal issues related to your property in Istanbul. Halic Property’s after sales department can serve you to help you in your title deed problems, find a tenant for your apartment, following your fixing fees and your taxes. Halic Property also provide you a special interior designer for your home, furnishing oppurtunities, VIP transportations between your hotel and airport.