Turkish citizenship by Property investment

Turkey is one of the most popular and most promising real estate investment area in the world. In the list of the British real estate magazine “In the Sun” that published 2 years ago Turkey was in the top 10 countries for the investment of real estate. 22,234 houses in Turkey was bought by foreign investors in 2017. And most of foreign real estate investors picked Istanbul. Number of purchased homes by foreign investors has increased %22.22 by year of 2016. There are many reasons for foreign investors to invest to real estate in Turkey like Turkish citizenship by property investment. According to sale datas of foreign real estate investors, Istanbul is in the first place with 8.182 sales. Antalya is in the second place with 4.707 sales and Bursa is in the third place with 1.474 sales in year of 2017.


How can you have a Turkish citizenship by Property investment?

If you can buy a house costs at least 250.000 Dollars as a foreign investor, you will have a right to apply for Turkish citizenship. Before 19.09.2018, a foreign investor must buy a house costs at least 1 million Dollars to apply for Turkish citizenship. After having your new house in Turkey, you can rent it and this rent income can cover your house’s cost in maximum 3 years. Or you can make profit thanks to the rise of the dollar in exchange for the Turkish lira in next 3 years after your purchase.

As a foreigner in a new country, these kind of legal process is very hard. So if you get help from an expert, your process can be solved very easy in a short period of time. When you are chosing your real estate consultant, you must be careful. Because if you make a wrong choice, everything can go awful. If you want a consultant who will be on your side in your investing duration, Halic Property is the one. Because Halic Property is the best choice with its 7 years of experience in getting Turkish citizenship by property investment.

Halic Property have a magnificant portfolio that you can find various options. You can choose new houses or resale options with renting preferences. Every house in Halic Property portfolio is safe with full security. Also you can choose to buy a land or a house in developing areas of the city.

After you choose your investment options, Halic Property will help you in next process. Their sale and after sale department includes lawyers, interior designers etc. Every team member of Halic Property can speak English and Arabic language except their native languages.

Halic Property can also help you in your Turkish citizenship applications, long or short work permit applications, company registrations etc. with Halic Property’s lawyer team and after sale department. And Halic Property’s lawyers can also help in your legal issues regarding to your properties.

If you don’t want to rent your property, our interior designers will help you to decorate your new home. Or Halic Property can arrange your VIP transportation to hotel, daily tours of Istanbul upon your demands etc.