To Buy a House In Turkey is really profitable with huge ROI gains. Buying a house in Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular option for foreign investors. Since 2017, it has become possible to become a Citizen of Turkey by purchasing a house in Turkey.  Especially in the period from 2010 to 2020, with the growth of the real estate sector in the country, housing investments have made a high profit.

So, is buying a house in Turkey a logical option right now?

There are various opinions on this subject. Therefore, your priorities and investment plan for buying a house in Turkey should be taken into account. Haliç Property Company and its experienced team allows you to make the most profitable real estate investment in Turkey. With the experience and field knowledge we have accumulated over many years; we are here to make sure that you have the ideal real estate investment made easily.

Especially the city of Istanbul is among the most popular options for foreigners who want to buy a house in Turkey. There are metropolitan cities in many countries of the world. Like New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul has a unique grandeur that fascinates the whole world with Its historical beauties, unique architectural structures and natural beauty that it has accumulated for over the centuries.

Therefore, Istanbul is the perfect real estate paradise to buy a house in Turkey and thus to become a Citizen of Turkey. The demand for buying houses in places close to shopping malls, passages and historical sites is quite high.

Popular Cities to Make a Housing Investment in Turkey

There are cities with characteristic features all over the country. Let’s talk about the cities preferred to invest in real estate by buying a house in Turkey and become a Turkish citizen.

Except for Istanbul; Antalya, Ankara, Canakkale are among the great options for investors due to their high rate of population growth.

In recent years, in real estate investments; we observe changes in the priorities of investors and individual buyers. Property valuations are increasing in regions with high population growth rates. However, people who take into account climate change and the opportunities offered by business life; They mainly focus on the city of Istanbul.

Istanbul; Compared to other metropolitan cities around the world, as an investment is a very cheap and attractive city in terms of ROI (Return of Inclusion) ratios. For example, if you want to use The recycling time of the average home investment in Istanbul; it is between 15-20 years. When we compare this ratio with Berlin; The ROI of a residence you buy in Berlin is at least 30 years.

You can also have turkish citizenship by buying a house in Turkey. In this way, you make a very profitable investment. You can also take advantage of many privileges such as the country’s successful and inexpensive health system.

Especially during the pandemic period, the success of the health system has started to increase the interest in buying a house in Istanbul.

So, will the housing crisis is a thing to happen in Turkey?

The most important thing for an investor who wants to buy a house in Turkey; to be able to buy a residence at the ideal price. Therefore, we want to answer this question very clearly for you.

With the rise of the exchange rates in Turkey, the purchasing power of the people decreases. A possible drop in construction prices is not expected. However, just in case, even if the prices are slightly cheaper, it is unlikely that the houses in Istanbul will get cheaper in the future. Considering various analyses; You can easily see that house prices in Istanbul remain valued even at the worst time. However, the demand for housing in Istanbul is increasing due to the sector that is becoming more and more popular across the country every day.

The most important lesson we have learned from history is the fact that people learn nothing from history.”

Warren Buffet


To summarize; The risk of not buying a house in Istanbul, Is much more than the risk of buying a house in Istanbul…

What is the Best Time to Buy a House for Investment Purposes in Turkey?

We would like to examine the question “Is it cheap to buy a house in Turkey?” from the perspective of 2021. With the inflation factor in every country in the world, the costs of housing increased by 30%. First of all, we wanted to take note of this production cost. Because this cost has not yet been reflected in the house prices in Turkey yet. Therefore, inevitably, prices are quite cheap compared to the rising cost at the moment.

Another important factor is the balance of supply and demand. In the summer of 2020, you may have heard that the Government and banks have cut their housing interest rates dramatically.

During this period, there was a very serious housing exchange across the country. Almost all people who want to buy a house in Turkey have benefited from this cheap loan opportunity. Today, interest rates are higher than in the previous year due to the increase in foreign currency and inflation rates in the country. With interest rates falling again, there could be a significant increase in demand.

To summarize; There are two important indicators regarding the price increase of houses in Turkey. First; costs are increased by 30%. Latter; the demand rate is on the rise. If we consider these two important indicators; Prices are very cheap for anyone who wants to buy investment housing. It is really profitable and cheap to buy a house in Turkey.

“Don’t Wait to Buy a House,

Buy a House and then Wait. . .”

Haliç Property company offers all the consultancy services you are curious and in need about buying a house in Turkey. You can build a life at the center of commerce, art and entertainment by evaluating the right building options in luxury and magnificent locations in Istanbul.

You can take advantage of attractive opportunities. Among developing countries; Turkey, which has a young population, increased trade volume, increased prosperity level and unique tourism centers; among the leading countries of real estate investment.

You can contact us about every topic you are interested in to buy a house in Turkey.

Colorful geographical beauties and real estate prices, whose value is increasing day by day, cause your investments to increase exponentially.

As Haliç Property Company; We contribute to the fact that you can buy the residences in the most popular locations of Istanbul in an ideal way.

Seize all the opportunities that time has to offer