Everyone knows that Istanbul is the one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is located in 2 different continents, it is considered as the largest city in Turkey and the financial center of Turkey. Maybe Istanbul isn’t the capital city of Turkey, but it is the heart of Turkey and for most people the heart of the world. In Istanbul there are lots of remarkable landmarks as Eminonu, Prince Islands, Balat, Sultanahmet, Bosphorus etc. But between these landmarks Bosphorus is a very special place. Bosphorus divides Istanbul into 2 parts, Asian and European. When you go near the Bosphorus, you will feel like you are entering a magical place. There are lots of historical places and landmarks on its sides. Bosphorus presents one of the most beautiful views in the world. If you are an Istanbul dreamer and want to buy a real estate in Istanbul, you should start looking for a property in Istanbul. Once you live in it, you will understand what we are talking about. Real estate in Istanbul offers lots of opportunity and gives you many advantages.

Advantages of owning a Real Estate Istanbul

The real estate investment in Istanbul gives lots of advantages to investors. Turkey had been selected as one of the top 10 countries in real estate business in the year 2017 by the British real estate magazine “In the Sun”.

When you buy a real estate in Istanbul and start living in it. You will have lots of cultural experience and magnificent lifestyle. With the oxygen level on the Bosphorus you will learn how you should breath. You can spend your time with walking on the seaside, visiting museums, go shopping, live the life of a tourist every day. There are lots of wonderful restaurants, cafes in the city center. You can taste the most beautiful examples of Turkish cuisine in these restaurants and cafes. In the night you will experience the best night life ever at the night clubs. Your daily life and your night life will be so extraordinary in Istanbul. You will learn how you should have fun!

Opportunities of Having Real Estate in Istanbul

Investment in real estate in Istanbul offers lots of opportunities to investors. In Istanbul there are lots of new projects being made every month with luxury standards. These properties for sale in Istanbul are the most demanded. Because of their luxury properties and the great facilities offered. The demand has increased after announcing the new law about the minimum limit to invest to be able to apply for the Turkish citizenship. Buying one property in Istanbul or several properties that worth $250,000 can give the investors the opportunity to obtain the Turkish citizenship. This real estate’s value had a serious increment in last 2 years. Also, lots of real estate experts say that value will be increased more and more every day. Especially because of the middle eastern and Arab buyers. So, investment in Real Estate Istanbul is a perfect opportunity for having a financial gain and getting the Turkish citizenship.

Istanbul has a great importance since the ancient times, because of its strategic location. Except its geographical importance, Istanbul hosts lots of different cultures and has a very long story. If you want to live in Istanbul and obtain the Turkish citizenship, starting investing now to get yourself a ticket on this magical journey.