Istanbul is turkey’s largest populated city as well as central hub for business, tourism and finance. Looking into the real estate portfolio of the city, it ranges from old buildings due for renovation to millionaire modern villas.


Luxury real estate in Istanbul

If we think of the most attention seeking properties in Istanbul, then those are the water front properties which are rich, famous and influential properties. No matter what people might say, these properties in Istanbul are a focal point for up market social circles. The prices of these properties are not disclosed until the buyer shows interest. Also, the cash should follow through.



It is rightly said that due to the strategic position of the city, Bosphorus is most of the world’s most important waterways with high end properties. It is like the heart of Istanbul. As history tell us, during the era of Ottoman rule, the sultans had built beautiful palaces and summer houses on the waterfront of this city. Any person who had links with the sultans or were influential could buy property here. Owing a property here is a status symbol in itself. The properties are reserved only for the elite class.

It is also believed that the wooden and well crafted houses which have been preserved from ages back are not only a historical feature but also a statement of wealth and influence. The elaborate architecture with luxurious furnishings antiques and transportation is something to be boastful about. Luxury real estate and Istanbul go hand in hand.


Big business deals

An increase in demand for one bedroom luxury properties near business districts due to Istanbul’s growth as a key player in international market is keeping the architects on their toes. The need and requirements of the buyers is that they want a clean but inviting environment which is good enough to relax and at the same time they get all the basic amenities like malls, parks, gyms, garner, cleanliness, spas, car parking etc.

One great example of luxury real estate is Levent district, where new and resale apartments in tall buildings are in great demand. It is one of Istanbul’s main business districts and has Turkey’s tallest skyscrapers. These kinds of houses are preferred by young professionals because they are always looking for living in places which are away from modern day stress life.


House of creative

One more luxurious real estate property in Istanbul is Nisantasi. It is portrayed as an upcoming market area consisting of artistic and creativity people. An exclusive shopping district with luxury brands is Rumeli Caddesi. Nisantasi is an innovative district of Istanbul. Top notch services like limousine bookings, cleaning, home maintenance, cafe, pool, restaurant, sauna and spa are all provided.


Istanbul is a land of luxuries. When it comes to real estate, you can aim to get beauty, comfort and luxury all in one basket. If you are willing to loosen your pockets on real estate then you know where to put your money to. Also, if you are a luxury preferred person, then Turkey is your destination. It is win-win situation for the investors who which to invest for business or residential purposes. Istanbul is a hub for luxurious properties and the architecture is such that it can attract anybody and everybody. All you need is to have a vision and taste for such classy and elegant beauty. If you start living in a place like Istanbul you will find yourself not liking any other place as much as you would have developed fondness for Istanbul.