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F.A.Q About the Citizenship

about the citizenship

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  • Will my family receive the Turkish Citizenship when I receive it?

    When an individual obtains the citizenship, they have the right to give it to their spouse and children under 18 years of age.

  • How much time does the process take to obtain the Turkish Citizenship?

    After submitting the required documents, it takes about 4-8 months.

  • After buying a $250,000 worth of properties, can I rent it or sell it?

    You can offer your property for rent immediately, but you cannot sell it due to the the procedure of signing a commentary on the title deed that says you cannot sell this property for 3 years starting from the date registered on the title deed.

  • Can my children inherit property I own in Turkey?

    The reserved portion and legal inheritance right of children is %75 for the property and money left by the deceased. It will be equally divided among the children. The remaining %25 goes to the spouse.

  • Should I give up my current nationality to be able to obtain the Turkish Citizenship?

    The Turkish Law does not require you to give up any nationality and it gives you the right to hold on multiple nationality.