Why Should a Foreigner Live in Istanbul?

Why Should a Foreigner Live in Istanbul?
  • Son Güncellenme: 07/09/2021

One should live in Istanbul to enjoy Turkey. There are lots of advantages of living in Istanbul rather than the other cities in Turkey for foreigners.

First of all, as being a cosmopolitan city, lots of people know English in Istanbul. In Grand Bazaar especially, tradespeople know more than one foreign language to speak with tourists. As a result, it is easy to get along with daily life for foreign people in Istanbul. Also, there are so many foreigners from different countries living in Istanbul, so one would have no difficulties getting used to living in this beautiful city and making new friends.

The second reason for living in Istanbul rather than the other cities in Turkey is, Istanbul has the best urban transportation. There are busses, ferries and metros to nearly everywhere in the city.
Also, the international transportation system is crucial for foreigners that live in Turkey. One can fly to seven continents and 127 countries from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines, which flies to the most countries on the earth.1 If one lives in another city than Istanbul in Turkey, and wants to go abroad, most of the time s/he should go to Istanbul first, because there are not as many flights as Istanbul in other cities. Additionally, one can fly to everywhere in Turkey from Istanbul, so it is also easier to live in Istanbul for exploring Turkey. Otherwise, one should go to Istanbul most of the time to travel to other cities in Turkey.

The third reason to live in Istanbul as a foreigner is; Istanbul is the trade center of the country. One can find everything that s/he is looking for in Istanbul. It is also an advantage for tradespeople. They can start their business in Istanbul in an easy way. From the other perspective, living in Istanbul is also the right place for jobless people and employers looking for an employee. There are so many job opportunities in Istanbul, comparing with the other cities in Turkey.

Another reason for living in Istanbul is more cultural activities than in the other cities in Turkey. There are more concerts, theaters, cinemas, musicals and festivals in Istanbul. As a result, it is easier to find tickets for the events rather than the other cities. Especially the city’s historical past makes it very magical to explore. Every corner in the city, there are fingerprints of previous generations and civilizations.

If a foreign investor has children, it becomes essential to find a successful school nearby. Whilst public schools are teaching in Turkish, it is fortunate that in Istanbul, there are lots of international schools that teach in foreign languages. In those schools, the education quality is the same as the other international schools in the world. Other than the curriculum, they teach the Turkish language and culture to expat children. As a result, it is easier for children to get used to their new living space.

Last but not least reason for foreigners to live in Istanbul rather than the other cities in Turkey is the delicious food. In The World’s Best Top 120 Restaurants list, there are two restaurants from Turkey and both of these restaurants are in Istanbul.2 In Istanbul, expats can easily find restaurants that serve their traditional food. As a result, they may less be suffering from homesickness.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to live In Istanbul rather than the other cities in Turkey.
These reasons are; the language barrier, comfortable transportation, job opportunities, cultural activities, schools and successful restaurants.

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