Where Should I Buy Property In Turkey?

Where Should I Buy Property In Turkey?
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Where Should I Buy Property In Turkey? This is a tough question which needs and experts help. Finding the right locations for housing in Turkey is not always easy. The country has provinces with different climatic conditions. In general, the country consists of 7 separate regions, and the diversity of cities, architecture, climatic conditions and social life in each region creates cultural wealth.

In order to get housing in Turkey, it will be useful to first decide what climatic conditions you want to live in.

Do you like to live in warm weather and sea?

Then Istanbul, especially Canakkale, Izmir, Muğla and Antalya are great options for you.

Other than Istanbul, the residences in the cities we mentioned are usually housing purchased only for sitting. Another city that is close to Istanbul and has both nature and business life is Bursa.

Where to buy housing in Turkey; it is a decision that can be planned according to your individual priorities.

Do you want to buy investment housing?

Or are you thinking of buying a luxury workplace, office or shop?

Or do you want to buy a house in Turkey and become a citizen of Turkey and enjoy the rights of citizenship?

It will be the most efficient choice for you to have a place where the area you buy as your home always retains its value and, if possible, increases its value.

So, where do you buy housing in Turkey and get all these advantages together?

Buying a  Property In Istanbul

Buying a house in Istanbul is one of the most risk-free real estate investments that can be made throughout Turkey. The city’s charm, which has lasted for hundreds of years, is turning Istanbul into a bigger metropolis every day. You can live in luxurious residences in the heart of the city as well as in magnificent houses in nature in different areas.

In Istanbul, which is founded on Seven Hills as the European and Anatolian side, your life continues day and night without stopping. This makes Istanbul stand out in international events such as entertainment, art, technology festivals and trade fairs. Real estate investments have always been profitable in this city, which is constantly developing and growing.

What Should Be Considered In Order To Buy a House In Istanbul?

Let’s look at some tips on the neighborhood and environment where the housing is located to buy housing in Turkey.


Along with the successful progress of the construction sector in Turkey, urbanization and infrastructure investments have increased. In urban planning, transportation to areas where new buildings are built is not always easy. Because cities have certain sizes, newly built buildings allow the city to expand towards the outer sides. For this reason, modern buildings built in small cities can stay away from the city center. Is there public transport to the location of the house in the process of buying a house, is its infrastructure sufficiently developed and integrated into social life? We recommend that you look for answers to these questions.

Choosing areas with easy access to metro, Marmaray and Metrobus to buy a home in Istanbul will offer you both time and comfort.

Easy access to Istanbul Airport on the European side of Istanbul also contributes to the values of housing in the region.

How Far Should It Be From Your Work?

For people living in Istanbul, time is the most valuable treasure. For business people Buying a House In Istanbul is down to the workflow. Although the city’s facilities are magnificent, we all have only 24 hours a day. Therefore, we want to use this time more effectively for our own happiness. Most of our time is spent at work. Naturally, the fact that the area where you buy housing in Istanbul is close to your business will double the pleasure you get from life.

We want to note here the areas that are easily accessible to business life throughout Istanbul.

Housing in Taksim, Levent, Mecidiyeköy, Maslak, Zekeriyaköy and Sarıyer saves you time and allows you to easily manage your business pace.

However, on the Anatolian side, Kadıköy and Üsküdar are the main centers of life. Thanks to the Financial Center located in Ataşehir, the Ataşehir region is a very convenient place. The architecture of the houses in Ataşehir consists of sites with gardens and pools. In this way, when you step into your home, you can easily get away from the competitive and exhausting agenda of business life. If you want a harmonious balance of business and social life, Ataşehir is great for you.

Its proximity to Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Maltepe and Kurtköy will add color to your life with its modern buildings and peaceful seaside edges.

It is great to buy a house from these districts in Istanbul.

Is it close to the Health Center, School and Official Apartments?

Another factor that you should consider when searching for housing in Turkey is to quickly reach basic living requirements. For this reason, houses close to hospitals and schools are always the most requested houses. If you want to buy real estate for a living or a workplace, you should research such institutions in the area.

Although you are only looking for investment property, the proximity of Health and education services in the region will contribute to the constant increase in the value of the property you buy.

In all of the districts mentioned above, these facilities are in great proximity. Bahçeşehir and Başakşehir regions should not be forgotten. Buying a House In Istanbul is really important with these subject to have in mind.

To buy a house in Istanbul, we recommend that you consider both of these locations.

Buying a house from areas where there is a business life, social life, shopping centers and entertainment venues will give you a profit in everything.

You can browse our portfolio for all the regions you are interested in in Istanbul.

As the Haliç Property team, we are excited to take a walk with you in the living centers of this magnificent city.

In order to buy a house in Turkey, first of all, it is necessary to go down the street in Istanbul and visit the houses.

There is a song of the city in Istanbul day and night. If you haven’t felt it yet, try to listen when you go down the street.

We know we’ll hear this music together

If you still search the answer of ”Where Should I Buy Property In Turkey? do not hesitate to contact us for any issue you are wondering about.

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