Useful Applications for Foreigners in Istanbul

Useful Applications for Foreigners in Istanbul
  • Son Güncellenme: 07/09/2021

There are so many applications that make the foreign citizens’ lives easier in Istanbul, Turkey. These applications are also useful for tourists in Istanbul as they are free and have an English language option. With these applications, one can easily order food to his/her address, call for a taxi, learn the bus hours, translate Turkish to English or find out the places that worth visit in Istanbul. You can see some useful applications belove that help you to reach essential services.


Yemeksepeti is one of the lifesaver applications. Yemeksepeti is a free application that has an English language option. You can search for a specific meal from the Yemeksepeti application or you can check out the restaurants that serve your district. You can see the comments of the other users that order from the restaurants. Yemeksepeti also added a market service to the application recently. This market service, called ‘’Banabi’’, provides one’s needs from its storages. Thanks to Yemeksepeti and Banabi applications, there is no need to go out for food or basic needs like toothpaste, chocolate, soap, etc.

You can download Yemeksepeti via these links:


Bitaksi is an application that enables to request a taxi near to the caller. Bitaksi uses the users’ location to find out the available taxis around. One can calculate the amount of payment before calling a taxi. The passenger can track the taxi via the application and also rate the driver after the trip. If s/he feels unsafe, s/he can share the route with his/her family or friends. The passenger can pay with a credit card, do not have to worry if s/he forget something in the taxi as the trip is under record.

You can download Bitaksi via these links:


Besides the taxis, foreigners can easily travel with public vehicles thanks to Moovit. One can create routes for his/her destination and location, then choose the one that suits. The application allows users to add their favorite places and get to know about the real-time alerts. Thanks to Moovit, foreigners do not have to worry about missing the stop as it sends a notification to get off at the right place.

You can download Moovit via these links:

Sesli Sözlük

One of the biggest problems abroad is different languages for foreigners. Sesli Sözlük application is the solution for the language problems. Sesli Sözlük serves in 20 languages and it can be used offline. Users can listen to the pronuniation of the word or read the spelling.

You can download the application via these links:

İstanbul Seyahat Rehberi

In a big city like Istanbul, foreigners need to have a guide to know where to visit. Istanbul Seyahat Rehberi is an offline and free application in which users can explore the historical places, hotels, bars, hospitals, museums, theatres and restaurants in Istanbul. One can also make reservations via this app.

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