Traveling To Turkey During Coronavirus Pandemic

Traveling To Turkey During Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Son Güncellenme: 27/08/2021

On the flights to Turkey, all passengers must submit a negative PCR test result made no more than 72 hours after the departure of their flights to Turkey. Tests that do not have a PCR or RNA phrase on them will not be accepted. Passengers who cannot submit a test result or do not meet the requirements specified in the test type will not be accepted on the expedition. PCR tests can be accepted both as output and online. PCR tests will be accepted if only they are written in the Latin alphabet.

Who Will Be Exempt from PCR Testing While Traveling to Turkey?

  • From 15 May 2021; arrivals from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Estonia,
  • Babies 0-6 years old,
  • Turkish citizens who will come with the funeral (PCR test will be performed at the entrance to Turkey.)
  • Turkish citizens who declare that they have a funeral (PCR test will be performed at the entrance to Turkey.)
  • Private and private persons who will travel from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to Turkey and have a border crossing certificate (PCR will be exempt from testing and quarantine.)
  • Sailors
  • Passengers who will not enter Turkey, will make an international transfer flight from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Transit passengers are required to check the rules of the last country of arrival.
  • As of May 11, 2021, persons with COVID-19 immune cards issued by the Hungarian authorities will be able to travel to Turkey without being subject to PCR testing and quarantine. Children under the age of 18 who do not have the COVID-19 vaccine traveling with the relevant document holders are also allowed unrestricted entry.

What are the Other Conditions While Traveling to Turkey During Pandemic?

According to the decision of the official authorities; all passengers arriving from abroad to Turkey must complete the entry form via this website: “ “ within the last 72 hours before their flight.

Passenger arrivals from Brazil and South Africa to Turkey have been temporarily halted. If any  passengers traveling from third countries to Turkey have been in Brazil, South Africa and India in the last 10 days, they will be quarantined for 14 days at places designated by the governorship when they arrive in Turkey. These passengers will be tested for PCR again on the tenth day of the quarantine period, and their quarantine will end if the test result is negative. Passengers aged six and over who meet these requirements must submit a negative PCR test result taken 0-72 hours before the flight.

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