The Seminars Took Place in Two Cities, Lahore and Islamabad

The Seminars Took Place in Two Cities, Lahore and Islamabad
  • Son Güncellenme: 07/09/2021

After the great success on advising our clients on the program of Turkish citizenship by property investment, we decided to expand our circumference and grow worldwide. As Halic Property, we have managed two seminars sponsored by our partner Saad Ahsan in Pakistan. The seminars took place in two cities, Lahore and Islamabad. We have been sincerely welcomed by the Pakistani people and that was overwhelming. Lots of businessmen and reputable people have attended the seminar and it was a great success.

Halic Property’s team have met with potential investors and that opened a wide door to our company to register am even greater success in this field. The seminars in Islamabad and Lahore took place on the 15th Feb 2020 and the 17th Feb 2020 respectively, and it discussed why investors who are looking for obtaining the Turkish citizenship tend to invest in real estate in Turkey. In addition to the steps of obtaining the Turkish citizenship by property investment.

In addition to that, we have discussed the opportunity of obtaining higher return of investment in real estate depending on the district of the property. The seminar also discussed the delicate process of the Turkish citizenship and how a property could be eligible for Turkish citizenship application. Finally we discussed how we advise our clients and warn them from some risky property investments that might cancel the citizenship application for the investor. That’s where the knowledge of the domestic real estate market be useful and we offer it to our clients to proceed with their application smoothly without taking any risk.

Our cooperation with Saad Ahsan Agency provides us a smoother transition to expand our success in Pakistan and provide a better experience for our clients from Pakistan first with Saad Ahsan and in Turkey later to complete our mission successfully.

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