Luxurious Investment Areas In Istanbul

Luxurious Investment Areas In Istanbul
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If you are looking for an Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate; you can start by examining the regions whose property value is rapidly growing day by day. You may know that the city of Istanbul has very high population. There are unique historical buildings in many parts of the city itself. Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Golden Horn, Bosphorus Bridge, and surrounding areas will fascinate you. Shopping malls and restaurants are located in this region are also the center of the business world. Of course, we must also consider the city’s relationship with culture, art, and music. Luxurious Investment Areas in Istanbul has a very high ROI rate for the investors. Its much more profitable than other regions around Turkey.

Taksim Square, Cihangir and Kadikoy are few of the centers of art in Istanbul. Historical and mystical texture accumulated for centuries in these neighborhoods; combined with entertainment and music.

Besiktas is also a magnificent neighborhood when it comes to unique architectural beauties, museums such as; Dolmabahce Palace and Ciragan Palace are here.

All smart investors exploring the investment opportunities in real estate in Istanbul are trying to discover the beating points of the heart of the city. Because we know that the population usually spends time in the regions where city lives everyday. Although the city is large, people living in Istanbul live in the closest and most colorful locations to their workplaces and entertainment centers around them.

Therefore, house prices in these regions are valued accordingly. And gets more value with each passing day. Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate is very profitable. Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate is various in different locations. Here are to name a few;

Where are the Most Popular Shopping Centers for Investment in Housing in Istanbul?

In order to find the best investment in real estate in Istanbul, it is necessary to create two different lists: Anatolian Side and European Side of the city. Here is some of the most Luxurious Investment areas in Istanbul.

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İstinye Park Shopping Center

It is located in a magnificent location between Levent and Sarıyer. Besiktas, Sarıyer, Bebek and Ortaköy are very easy to reach from here. It is also a very preferred locations because it is very close to the giant business centers of Levent. İstinyepark Shopping Center is a shopping and living center with around 300 luxury brands in it. Istinyepark is also close to the mall and with real estates in Levent, Maslak, Besiktas, Mecidiyeköy, Sarıyer and Bebek having a very high valuation and prices in this region.


Located in the Levent region are; Kanyon, Metrocity and Akmerkez, are the luxury and popular shopping centers of Istanbul. At the point where the Bosphorus Bridge is connected to the European Side; There is a challenging place called PSM. It is perhaps the most perfect shopping mall in Istanbul with its location. You can easily go down to besiktas beach from here. Or vice versa, you’ll immediately reach the towers in Levent as well. If you take a step back, you’ll find yourself on the Anatolian Side. You can easily land in Ortaköy; You will be accompanied by a wonderful view around the neck of the Bosphorus Bridge. Therefore, starting from Levent, Mecidiyeköy region, transportation to Etiler and Nisantasi is very close and very easy. Luxurious investment areas in Istanbul are high in demand for investors.

Akmerkez in Etiler

When looking for a region for investment in real estate in Istanbul; Luxurious investment areas such as Etiler, Nisantasi and Taksim Square cannot be separated from each other. If you did a little tour of Istanbul, you’ll remember these places very fondly. This region is a region where you can use the Houses with their view of Bosphorus, the roads descending from there to the beach, and galata tower is a paradise that suddenly draws you in to Sultan Ahmet Square.

Akmerkez shopping center is also a magnificent building that is very easy to reach from Etiler.

All residences in Taksim, Maslak, Levent, Sarıyer and Besiktas are favorite areas of foreign investors who is looking to make an investment in Istanbul.

Popular Shopping Centers of the Asian Side of Istanbul for Investment in Property

The European Side of Istanbul has very rich and strong options for investment in real estate in Istanbul. However, the Anatolian Side has the city’s green spaces, which is free from noise and traffic of the city. They are famous for their large sites. They have geographical locations surrounded by the sea from almost all of the sides. Therefore, it is a place where people living in Istanbul prefer to spend their lives usually in peace.

Real estate valuations in locations close to luxury shopping centers on the Asian Side are very productive. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones ;

Capitol Mall

Capitol Mall in Altunizade and Akasya Mall nearby to it are the most crowded shopping malls on the Anatolian Side. They are on the banks of the E-5 highway and you can easily shop and stream into the fun life of Kadıköy afterwards.

Palladium and Brandium Shopping Malls

Let’s not pass without mentioning one of the most decent districts of the city in Istanbul’s investment Luxurious investments. These two shopping centers in Ataşehir are very popular. Ataşehir, Maltepe and Kadıköy are districts that are easily connected to each other. The quality of real estate and housing in all three districts is increasing day by day. In these buildings and sites; you will see that it has rich options in terms of gardens, pools and green areas. At the same time, real estate prices in these districts, where urbanization is very spacious, increase of their value day by day.

Viaport Asia

In your Istanbul’s Luxurious investment journey in real estate; Meet with the most popular shopping mall in and around Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Residences in and around Viaport Asia generally have their own atmosphere of luxury. Successful business people and employees of the country love the region because it is the airport region of Istanbul. Transportation here is very easy, you can enjoy the sea and get lost in the green areas around this place.

Real estate products such as residences and workplaces are always on the agenda in these regions, which are in high demand due to their wonderful atmosphere and profitable options as an investment.

If you are searching for Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate close to Luxurious places, we got you covered. You will find that there are so many great options. We can help you find the best Investment options in Istanbul as Real Estate. Here we talked about the most amazing regions that came to our mind as an example.

In all these locations, there are high-comfort hospitals where you can easily access health services. The city has many different amazing locations. Luxurious Investment areas in Istanbul are very attractive and we are here to give you the best.

As Haliç Property Company, we do our job with years of experience and with the joy of living in Istanbul.

If you want to reach the best result on Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate; please contact us.

These are the best options of an luxurious investment areas in Istanbul.

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Let the magnificent future of your dreams be with you…

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