How To Chose A Consultant For Turkish Citizenship Application

How To Chose A Consultant For Turkish Citizenship Application
  • Son Güncellenme: 01/09/2021

When applying for Turkish citizenship, the consultancy firm is the most crucial factor that affects the result. Foreign investors usually do not speak Turkish while applying for Turkish citizenship. Nevertheless, some of them try to apply for Turkish citizenship by themselves as the application steps seem easy. Another group of foreign investors finds it hard to deal with all the legal procedures themselves, so they apply for Turkish citizenship with an inexperienced consultant as they charge less. At this point, both groups should consider some subjects while applying for Turkish citizenship not to waste both their time and money. Remember, the cheapest may not be the most effective one.

Why we suggest to apply for Turkish Citizenship with a consultant?

We, as Haliç Property suggest applying for Turkish citizenship with a consultant. There are some reasons for it that we try to explain briefly in the following sentences.

  • Each application is unique in its conditions. Applicants’ hometown, family, living country, or application type might be the factors. As a result, there may be a need for extra documents while applying. If there is a mistake or missing in the papers, that may cause temporize the application process, and it may even cause rejection.
  • In case there are mistakes or missing parts in deputation matters, it may cause extra travel expenses or extensions in the Turkish citizenship application process.
  • Opening a bank account in Turkey and transferring the money from abroad may also be tricky for those unfamiliar.
  • Finding the right house to invest in for both living and acquiring Turkish citizenship is also a complicated transaction. There would be some risks such as the house being weak in terms of turnover, the selling price of the real estate, valuation price, and the price on deed should be the same. If not; although the real estate is purchased, it would not be the perfect fit for the Turkish citizenship application.
  • During the transfer of real estate payment and deed, many mistakes made lead to the prolongation of the process, and even the rejection of the Turkish Citizenship application.

Why you should apply to Turkish Citizenship with Haliç Property?

We, as Haliç Property, your real estate consultant, Citizenship Consultancy, your Turkish Citizenship application consultant and our legal partner Ketenci&Ketenci International Law Firm, which is full of expert lawyers providing professional and error-free services with more than 100 customers until today, are ready to make your Turkish citizenship application journey more comfortable, reliable and easier.

For more information about Turkish citizenship, you can check the page below.

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