Bosphorus Real Estate Istanbul (A Place For Luxury Living)

Bosphorus Real Estate Istanbul (A Place For Luxury Living)
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Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosporus Strait. The old city reflects cultural influences of many empires which ruled here once upon a time.

The architecture of Istanbul describes a large structure which depicts many influences which led to the settling down of the city. Istanbul has acquired good reputation for being an ethnic and cultural melting pot.

Bosphorus Real Estate Istanbul and Living

Bosphorus, a city in Istanbul has many houses for sale. The houses are built as lake mansions and land mansions.  Sometimes the properties are so rich that the developer target clients with high standards who are looking for exquisite style of living and exclusive mansion style home. Majority of the properties have their own swimming pools, driveways, secured gardens, tennis courts, playgrounds, electronic gates, fitness salons, gyms, Jacuzzi, sauna and spa etc.  The properties also have large living rooms, offices, kitchen, staff rooms, dining halls, bedrooms and entertainment rooms. Elevators and cameras are installed everywhere. The area contains proper parking slots for the convenience of the residents.

The architecture is specialized with modern designs, great choice for lovers of excellence and entertainment. You can use the house for rental purpose, reselling or for personal living also Turkish Citizenship for property investment.

Beauty of living here

It is rightly said that the scenic Bosphorus strait flows through the heart and soul of Istanbul in the process of connecting Asia and Europe. It happens to be the most in demand locale for people who are aiming at luxury living because of its political and historical significance.


The Bosphorus waterway runs between black sea on the north and Marmara Sea on the south. Here the most desired towns for living are Yenikoy, bebek, Kurucesme and Tarabya, Kandili, Vanikoy etc.


The brackets under which these properties fall are between 28 million to 300 million when calculated in Turkish lira. If you plan to buy a property here, plan in advance because here investment is quite huge.

Extra information

Real Estate in Istanbul is elegant and unique. It is one of the most desired residential areas to live. To safeguard the natural beauty and glory of this place, strict building codes are made. No new development is permitted with the boundaries of Bosphorus, so the supply is limited. The beauty pf the place leads to a high demand.

Luxury and locality

  • The area is rich in places for fine dining.
  • The area has number of International private schools for kid’s education.
  • Greenery and beauty is an add on factor
  • Streets are clean and chirpy.
  • Favorite tourist location

It is also said that the well preserved wooden houses are more valuable than the concrete ones. Also, the houses with outstanding history are more prestigious than the others. As a matter of fact, and as per the statistics, Forbes list level business people occupy the shores of Bosphorus. Turkey’s former prime minister also stays there. We have given you all the more reasons to look for a house here. Bosphorus Istanbul Real Estate for Sale

For more information about Istanbul luxury real estate, you can check the page below.

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