There are many reasons when it comes to foreigners choosing to live or invest in Turkey. With its natural, historical, and cultural richness Turkey is one of the best places in the World. Let us give you a brief about the Reasons to live or Invest in Turkey you should consider…

Turkey has the title of ‘’ The pearl of both sides ‘’ making its place taken as a connector between Asia and Europe. You can easily acces from Turkey to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. There is easy access for a total potential of 1.8 billion customers. You can reach many important destinations in Europe from Istanbul with a 3.5-hour flight. Or with other transportation options as well.

Turkey is one of 55 popular worldwide passports. You can travel to more than 105 countries without applying for a visa. Check out our article of ‘’ Advantages of Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport ‘’ to learn more.

It is possible for foreigners to become Turkish citizens by purchasing a certain amount of real estate. With an arrangement made in September 2018, foreigners can apply for Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families by acquiring a house with the amount of at least 250,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira. This make Turkey one of the cheapest options for an investment with a high ROI rate.

With its friendly people, fun life, historical texture, and natural beauties, Turkey consists of resident foreigners from 82 countries that moved there to live in. Most of them also invested in Real Estate.

Why should you move or Invest in Turkey?

Turkey is surrounded by the sea on its three sides, it is seen as one of the most favorable countries in the world to live in. It is the center of attraction both in terms of its attractiveness in the field of tourism and investment wealth in megacities. Especially in Istanbul, Mediterranean, and Aegean coasts are among the regions most preferred by foreign investors for investing and moving in to Turkey.

Worldwide Known Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Turkey has a rich culture through a wide range of cuisine that appeals to every one. Turkish food is  well known and generally fresh, cheap and soo healthy. Almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be found in the world. But Turkey has the most fresh options even at the traditional Street bazaars.

Restaurants and street food in the country are renowned for their special appetizers and seductive delicacies. The World famous kebab is the best food you can possibly try. Even the food alone can be the top reason to move or invest in Turkey.

Enjoyable Climate

Turkey, incorporates the four seasons at once. Surrounded by open seas and mountains, the country offers thousands of natural wonders to those who live in it.

Turkey has a rich vegetation, and magnificent forests. Almost a miracle of natüre where you can believe your eyes…

Having an easier life in terms of transportation with major projects in the country is considered one of the more important reasons for living and investing in Turkey.

Top-Notch Health Service and Care

Health services and healthcare provided by Turkey are considered among the best in the world. In the last 10 years, the strong economy of the country has enabled the development of medical infrastructure. In addition to the fact that country centers have modern hospitals and state-of-the-art medical equipment, hospitals in small regions also have specialist equipment at the standards of big cities.

The Foreigners residing in Turkey have health insurance mandatory and foreigners can receive the best health care in almost every region. There is almost no medicine shortage in the country. Makes you really want to consider moving or investing to Turkey.

Cheap Living Costs

With the current exchange rates; it is possible to have a low budget cost living in almost any  in Turkey. You can have very delightfull holidays in areas such as ; Didim – Aydın, Eskişehir, Amasra – Bartın, Sığacık & Foça – İzmir, Gaziantep, Gökçeada & Assos – Çanakkale, Avşa – Balıkesir, Akyaka – Muğla and Antalya are some of the few hidden paradises in this beautiful country.

Profitable Investment Opportunities with High ROI Rates

When you decied to move or invest in Turkey you can easily buy a property here. As Haliç Property Company, we do our job with years of experience and the joy of living in Turkey and Especially in Istanbul. We can help you find the best Investment in Istanbul as Real Estate option. Reasons can be different for each people, but we are here to help you.

History of The World is Here

History of The World is Here

With basically being the center of Europe and Asia, Turkey has the history of the World from the Ages past. The churchs from the Byzantine period, the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is now used as a mosque, the Blue Mosque with six minarets, the Basilica Cistern, a work of Byzantine engineering, the Topkapi Palace, which has become a symbol and the main operation center of the Ottoman Empire, and the Archeology Museum, which contains extraordinary collections, are some of the few places definitely worth seeing. Especially in Istanbul.

Sümela Monastery, which is built on a steep rock, fascinates those who see in Cappadocia covered with fairy chimneys, Nemrut Mountain and its National Park, which is home to the ancient city and ruins of the Commagene Kingdom, and Kaunos King Cemetery, which draws attention with its rock-cut tombs for kings is an another place of the Anatolian history.

St. Nicholas Church is located as one of the most visited and important places of the Byzantine period. Aphrodisias Museum and excavation still continues to exist today,  it is 7,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. The Gobekli Tepe, is also among Turkey’s historical treasury. In addition, the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the world, made entirely of marble, and the ancient ruins of the city of Lycia in Patara are among the must-see places in the Aegean region.

There are many more reasons to Live or Invest in Turkey. With our article we just wanted to give you a brief information about some of the subjects for you to consider.

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