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Halic property has been providing real estate services professionally to investors in buying and selling the most luxury places in Turkey. Our experienced team provides the vision to lead you to the highest returns of investments. In the past two decades, buying a property in Turkey has been demanded from all around the world. Investing in Turkey, especially in luxury real estate in Istanbul, is a golden opportunity for higher return of investments.


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Turkish Citizenship

Actually, obtaining a free Turkish citizenship is very easy. But also you have to be very careful. When you buy a house that costs $250.000 US Dollar, you will have the right to apply for the citizenship in Turkey. Probably you are thinking that if I have to buy a house with $250.000 US Dollar, how can this Turkish citizenship is free?

First of all, after you get your citizenship from Turkey, you can rent your property. With 3 years rent income, you can get the worth of your real estate back. And also with changing the value of dollar currency in exchange for Turkish lira, if you want to sell your property, you will make profit from this sale too.

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate

As a foreign real estate investor, if you want to buy a real estate that costs at least $250.000 dollars, you can apply for the Turkish citizenship by real estate after your purchase a property. Before September 2018, you must had bought a real estate that worth at least 1 million dollars. With the statement published in 19.09.2018, this amount was reduced to $250.000 dollars. And also if you rent your new investment to someone, you can cover your expenses in about 3 years. So your Turkish citizenship comes for free to you. In addition to this you will make profit because of the value of dollar currency against Turkish Lira.

Advantage of Turkish Citizenship

Turkey is a charming country that offers to their citizens a lot. With its culture and history Turkey is one of a kind. It offers a lot, it offers a dream to their people. Even if you don’t understand these outside of it, when you start to live in it, you will understand it. To understand more about advantages of Turkish citizenship, you should read our article that prepared for you.

What Is The Advantage Of Turkish Citizenship?

There are many advantages of Turkish citizenship like…

Turkish Citizenship's Benefits

Turkey has lots of opportunities for investors and also has many natural and historical beauties that enthrall people. Because of these situations there are so many people that want to be a Turkish citizen. When the Turkish government see the demand in the Turkish citizenship, they passed a new law that facilitates the conditions of beaming a Turkish citizen. What are the Turkish citizenship benefits?

Turkish Citizenship for Investors

Turkey is a perfect choice for investors. Because this country has lots of opportunities for investors. There are many investment and business opportunities, this country has a fair tax systems. But there are some ways to have Turkish citizenship for investors.

How can an investors have Turkish citizenship?

The easiest way is to invest a property costs at least 250K USD. In older times this amount was 1 million dollars but Turkish government changed the law and this amount reduced to 250K USD.

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